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  1. Beelink l55 from the front straight

    The Beelink L55 mini PC has a fast Intel i3-5005U Dual Core processor with Intel HD 5500 for fast processing and display. It comes with upgradeable 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for fast loading and switching between software. The Windows 10 mini PC measures just 126x128x47mm fitting into the palm of your hand. It’s small but still packs dual 1GB/sec ethernet, HDMI and DisplayPort output, 6 USB ports and more!


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  2. Beelink MII-V Windows 10 HTPC Mini Computer - Flat Front-Facing View showing top

    Measuring just 120mm X 120mm X 24mm, the Beelink M II-V is perfect for those with limited desk space wanting a Mini PC. With a fast performing Intel Celeron N3350 (For 4/64) or N3450 (For 4/128) and Intel HD 500 GPU, 4GB RAM and 64 or 128GB of storage running Windows 10, your day to day home or office tasks can be efficiently completed.

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  3. Beelink AP45 Windows PC usb 3.0 port a 3.5mm port

    The Beelink AP45 features the faster Intel J4205 processor with HD Graphics 505 allowing for 4K 30Hz output. The Windows 10 mini PC comes with a massive 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB fast SSD for all your day to day tasks. All this fits in a case measuring just 115 x 102 x 25 mm for low desk space requirements..


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  4. DroiX CK1 Mini PC Windows 10 NUC Up to Intel Core i7 Chipset, 512GB PCI-E NVMe SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM - Showing front with 2x USB 3.0 Ports ; 2x USB 2.0 Ports ; 3.5mm Headphone&Microphone Jack and Power Button

    The CK1 features a choice of fast Intel Whiskey Lake Quad Core i7 8565U with 16GB RAM & 512GB SSD or i5 8265U with 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD. The Windows 10 Mini PC, perfect for home and office, features plenty of USB ports for connectivity and dual 4K monitor display enclosed in an Aluminum Alloy case less than 13cm in size.

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  5. Beelink T45 Windows 10 Home HTPC Mini Computer with Intel Processor showing product front facing

    The Beelink Gemini T45 Mini PC has an up to 2.6Ghz Intel J4205 Quad Core CPU, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM and a choice of 128GB or 256GB SSD storage. The Windows 10 mini PC supports dual monitors via the two HDMI ports. Measuring less than five inches and weighing 0.34 kg, it is an ideal mini computer for limited desk space and travelling.

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  6. AMD T12 Windows 10 HTPC - Showing rear I/O with Power Supply Port, 2x HDMI Ports, 1GB/s LAN Port, Kensington Lock and 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    The T12 Mini PC features an AMD A4-7210 up to 2.2GHz processor with an AMD Radeon R3 graphics processor. It is comparable in performance to the Intel i3-5005U processor but at a much lower cost. It has 8GB of fast DDR3 RAM and 64GB of high performance EMMC storage. The mini computer has plenty of USB ports, high speed ethernet and wifi and also has space inside for a HDD or SSD.

    Starting From: Regular Price: £199.99 Special Price £134.95

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  7. Beelink J45 Windows 10 Mini Computer for Home or Office - Front View showing Power Port, 2x USB Type-A and 3.5mm Headphone&Microphone Jack

    The Beelink J45 features the J4205 up to 2.6Ghz processor, 8GB DDR4L RAM and M.2 2280 256GB SSD. There is space inside for a 2.5” SSD or HDD to further expand the storage. This is a great expandable Windows 10 mini PC with a small desktop footprint.


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  8. One Netbook Mix 3 Pro Platinum - Front View showing Design Software

    The One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro Platinum Windows 10 Ultrabook features a high end 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10510Y processor up to an amazing 4.5GHz. It has 16GB DDR RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD. The 8.4 inch IPS screen displays at 2560x1600 with support for up to 4K via the Micro HDMI port. The Yoga ultrabook design features a smart 360 degrees hinge that allows you to change from ultrabook to tablet in a matter of seconds.


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  9. Beelink X55 Windows 10 Home Mini Computer showing front USB 3.0 Ports and 3.5mm Headphone&Microphone Jack along with Power Button and top Beelink logo

    The Beelink X55 mini PC has a fast up to 2.8Ghz Intel Gemini Lake J5005 with high performance Intel UHD Graphics 605 processor. The mini computer can display up to 4K 60Hz and has dual monitor support. With the 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM there is a choice of 128GB or 256GB SSD storage. You can further expand the Windows 10 mini PC with a 2.5” SATA HDD or SSD.

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  10. Beelink U57 Windows 10 Intel NUC Mini PC - Front facing showing Microphone, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x USB Type-C, 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Power button

    The Beelink U57 Mini PC features a powerful Intel® Core™ i5-5257U Processor up to 3.10 GHz with Intel® Iris® Graphics 6100. It comes with 8GB of fast DDR3L RAM and a high performance 256GB SSD. There is also space inside the case for a 2.5 inch HDD or SSD. There are two HDMI ports for dual monitor support which is great as an office mini PC. There are two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports and a USB Type-C port for a range of connectivity with peripherals.


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  11. ACEPC CK2 i7 Windows 10 Mini PC for Home or Office - RJ45 Ethernet Port, Video Outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA) and 5.5mm Power Adapter Port

    The DroiX CK2 is a small but fast performing mini PC featuring a high performance Intel Core i7-7500U Kaby Lake processor which runs up to 3.9GHz. A choice of either 8GB DDR4 RAM & 256GB NVMe SSD storage or 16GB DDR4 RAM & 512GB NVMe SSD storage. The Intel NUC style mini computer measures just 5.51 x 5.51 x 1.77 inches a SATA III SSD/HDD can be installed to further expand the storage. With high speed 1GB/s RJ45 Ethernet and dual band WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 you can be sure of fast and stable transfer speeds for this office mini PC.

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  12. Beelink BT3-X Windows 10 Mini PC HTPC ; Front View showing Power Button, 3.5mm Headphone Jack and 2x USB 3.0 Type A Ports

    The Beelink BT3-X is a high performance Mini PC with Windows 10. With a fast Intel Celeron J3355 processor, 4GB DDRL RAM and 64GB eMMC SSD you can be assured that this mini PC will handle your day to day tasks. Its small form factor, just 7.66 x 4.82 x 2.17 inches, it is ideal for limited desk space at home or at work.


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  13. One Netbook Mix 3S Windows 10 UMPC YOGA Tablet - Front Image
    Windows 10 Home Yoga Laptop UltrabookIntel m3-8100y Processor Yoga Laptop Ultrabook16GB RAM Yoga Laptop Ultrabook512GB SSD

    The One Netbook Mix 3S ultrabook has gotten a Performance Upgrade, in the form of the “S” Line. It now comes with a 2K IPS Touchscreen Display, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of PCIe Solid State Drive Storage in the same High Quality build.

    The Intel Core m3-8100y Amber Lake Processor is still at its core, sporting the same specs. 3.4Ghz under Heavy Stress, Low power consumption and all the newest Intel Technologies.


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  14. One Netbook Mix 3 - Presentation Image

    The brand new One Netbook One Mix 3 convertible laptop based on Windows 10 is the latest ultrabook in One Netbook’s lineup, and it’s a statement to One Netbook's engineering prowess, cutting-edge hardware development, and intense passion for the YOGA Laptops scene.

    Opening the One Netbook One Mix 3 ultrabook, you are greeted by the astonishing, crisp and bright 8.4” 2560*1600 IPS Touchscreen Display. To go with it, an extremely accurate Stylus capable of expressing 2048 levels of pressure is included in the packaging for Drawing, Note Taking or just normal usage.


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  15. AK3V Pictured from the side

    Bring back the Functionality and Productivity in the same equation: The Acepc AK3V Windows 10 HTPC is powered by a Intel Quad-Core Processor, HD Graphics which can support Dual-Monitors.

    6GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage, with the option to add a 2.5" HDD/SSD and mSATA Card - Dual-Band Wi-Fi is also Built-In, along with Bluetooth

    *Please note this device comes without remote/keyboard.

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  16. One Netbook Mix 2S Platinum Edition - Side Angle View

    You would usually have to carry at least a 13" Laptop around if you wanted to have an Intel i7 Processor to suit your needs ; Not anymore! The One Netbook Mix 2S Platinum Edition comes with the Amber Lake (8th Gen) Intel Core i7-8500Y, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of High-Speed Storage, a whopping 6500mAh Battery and Windows 10 Pre-Installed.

    Use it your own way! The One Netbook Mix 2S Platinum Edition is not just a small, powerful laptop, with its YOGA Hinges, you can adjust it to fit your mood.


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  17. Beelink U55 Windows 10 Mini PC - Front View at an Angle showing Power Button, Headphone Jack, USB Type-C Port and two USB 3.0 Ports

    The Beelink U55 Mini PC has a high performing Intel Dual Core i3-5005U 2.0GHz processor with Intel HD Graphics 5500. The Intel NUC Mini PC comes with 8GB of DDR3L RAM and 256GB of fast upgradeable M.2280 SSD storage with space inside for a 2.5” HDD/SSD. Measuring 4.88 x 5.12 x 1.61 inches it is a great fit for a home or office mini PC with plenty of USB ports, fast WiFi and ethernet.


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  18. One Netbook Mix 2S Windows 10 YOGA Mini Laptop

    The One Netbook One Mix 2S is the best solution if you want a mini Windows laptop/tablet that will last you throughout the day on one charge. With its 8th Generation Intel Core M3-8100Y processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD you can be sure that you won't be tapping your fingers waiting for software to load.

    The 7” touchscreen with a 1920x1200 resolution offers great clarity and vibrant colours. You can switch between laptop and tablet mode with a simple flip of the keyboard. The fingerprint scanner offers improved security and you will never have to worry about forgetting your password.


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  19. One Netbook Mix 1S - With Stylus

    Affordability, Design and Performance have been the main goals while developing and manufacturing the One Netbook One Mix 1S Convertible laptop, with a much lower price point that some of the other UMPCs in its category without sacrificing the top-class performance and sleek design the series is known for.


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