DroidBOX® Media Centre DBMC Center

Customers sometimes ask us what the difference between XBMC, SPMC, DBMC and Kodi is. If the version on your device is up to date, the short version is don’t worry!


A long time ago (2004!) software called “Xbox Media Center” was released. For a long time it only existed for the original Xbox game console, but development grew until it reached the heights of availability today! If your application is definitely XBMC, rather than Kodi, DBMC or SPMC, you may want to consider updating to a more recent version. See https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/kodi-spmc-and-dbmc-downloads/ for links.

Kodi Logo

Ten years after it was created, XBMC was renamed to Kodi. If you read old guides or watch old YouTube videos, you may still see XBMC being referred to. In most cases, there is no difference so you can simply swap them over in your head.


SPMC (Semper Media Center) was released the same year. It is based on Kodi, and is written by one of the main coders for Kodi on the Android platform. Tweaks here and there are made for Android devices, but again if you are using SPMC and reading guides for Kodi, most procedures should be identical.

DroidBOX Media Centre DBMC Center

Finally, we have DBMC (or DroidBOX® Media Centre) which is itself based upon SPMC. Following through the family tree, you can also see that when reading guides or watch video clips regarding configuring Kodi, DBMC users can also follow the same steps.