Troubleshooting WiFi issues

If your WiFi is weak or not working properly there are several different methods that can be used to test the device, get a stronger signal or fix the WiFi if it is not working at all. Weak Wifi In order to test the internet download/upload speed and ping, you can use the Speedtest app which […]

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How To Install A Kodi Addon

 Kodi is an app that can not just play local media but also online based streaming content. In order to do so, you will need to install something called an Add-on which is basically a Extension for specific streaming content that you selected to install. In order to install an add on inside Kodi […]

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How to update your DroidBOX firmware and apps

Note: If you have a T8 SE or iMXQpro Mini please follow the guide here to update your firmware. Please watch the below video for how to update the firmware and apps on your device. The OTA updater app is an app that serves to update your DroidBOX. The firmware releases may or may not […]

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Android 6 Recovery Menu Reboot System Now Highlighted

What Is The Recovery Menu?

You may have come across references to the (Android) Recovery Menu in some of our other How To articles. We explain what it is, and what the various entries found within do.

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Antivirus Malware Protection For Android Devices

This post focuses on security for your Android device. The various applications were installed on a device with two infected files. Default options were used unless otherwise noted. All these applications are free to download and install. Some require registration, whilst other applications make this optional. If you have not used Google’s Play Store on your DroidBOX® […]

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ES File Explorer Tools Menu

Running Low Can Bring You Down

Whether you find Google’s Play Store won’t allow you to install a new big game, or system updates are failing, running low on storage space can cause your DroidBOX® all sorts of problems. Rather than factory resetting, finding the directories where these files are stored can be enough to determine whether they are safe to […]

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Stream from PC

How to Stream and Cast to your DroidBOX® with your PC

In the first of a series of videos, we are demonstrating different ways to stream content to your DroidBOX® from other devices. We start with how to stream media such as videos, music and photographs from your PC. We show how to cast videos from Youtube and then follow with a section on streaming videos, […]

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