Android 6 Recovery Menu Reboot System Now Highlighted

What Is The Recovery Menu?

You may have come across references to the (Android) Recovery Menu in some of our other How To articles. We explain what it is, and what the various entries found within do.

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DroidBOX® T8-S Plus More Settings Clicked Date And Time Clicked

Where Is Time?

If you find the time on your DroiX® is incorrect, or have been advised to check it for some other reason, read on!

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HDMI to DVI Adapters

Using DVI, Phono (RCA) or SCART Instead Of HDMI

Most people will use the supplied HDMI lead to connect their DroiX® device to their television. However, if you have no spare HDMI sockets nor an HDMI switch available, then the next best thing is to use DVI. If you have no DVI sockets available either, PLEASE consider either swapping HDMI cables when you want […]

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