DroidBOX® i12

Remote Control – Infrared Basic or Premium?

The infrared remote control that comes with your DroiX® device is designed to carry out basic functions. However, it is not ideal for navigating around the operating system or fully utilizing Kodi.   We recommend using a remote control with both a QWERTY keyboard and an easy way to move the onscreen cursor. Some models have […]

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DroidBOX® VIP Remote Control v1

VIP Remote

Version 1 of the VIP remote control has a rainbow spread of colours at the bottom, whereas the more recent version 2 sports DroiX®’s branded palette of colours. Normally the device is ready to pair up automatically. If this doesn’t occur, you’ll need to pair the remote control with its USB dongle.

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DroidBOX® B52 Remote Control

DroiX® B52 (formerly known as the i25) Calibration

If you find that the movements of your remote control don’t correlate precisely to the cursor on your screen moving, you may need to calibrate your DroiX® B52 remote control. To calibrate the remote control please follow the steps outlined in the video below: Video: Watch it over at YouTube’s site – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txAkLIAzCkE

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