How to connect Retroflag GPi case to WiFi

You need to have a Raspberry Pi Zero W installed, a Zero does not support WiFi or Bluetooth. Create a new text file and name it wpa_supplicant.conf Open the wpa_supplicant.conf file with notepad (or notepad++). Copy and paste the following text in to the file country=US ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicantGROUP=netdev update_config=1 network={ ssid=”your_wifi_ssid” psk=”your_wifi_password” key_mgmt=WPA-PSK priority=1 } You […]

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Troubleshooting WiFi issues

If your WiFi is weak or not working properly there are several different methods that can be used to test the device, get a stronger signal or fix the WiFi if it is not working at all. Weak Wifi In order to test the internet download/upload speed and ping, you can use the Speedtest app which […]

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LibreELEC 8.0.2 Wizard First Screen Welcome

LibreELEC Basics

Have a device with the LibreELEC operating system, and aren’t sure how to use it? This post will guide you through configuring LibreELEC, both from the first-run Wizard and using a program add-on

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WiFi & Windows 10 Creators Update on a DroidBOX GPD Win

Microsoft have recently released the “Creators Update” for Windows 10 (please see here for more information). Unfortunately this update can cause problems when using WiFi. The fix is very easy and takes about a minute. You only need to run this fix if WiFi has suddenly stopped working on your DroidBOX GPD Win.

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WiFi Analyzer

Justice Or Equality

When using the default mode of many home networking products, Wi-Fi channels are selected automatically by the access point/modem/range extender. This works to try and ensure you have a less congested/interference prone channel (frequency) in use. If everyone around you has Wi-Fi networks on channel 6, then you could head down to channel 1 or […]

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Can’t Connect To WiFi?

If you haven’t yet rebooted your router (modem/AP/network box), please remove the power from it, leave it for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power. Wait 2 minutes and check if the DroidBOX® is now happy to connect or not. The DroidBOX® device itself has been turned off (rather than just left to sleep) and on […]

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