How to update your DroidBOX firmware and apps

Note: If you have a T8 SE or iMXQpro Mini please follow the guide here to update your firmware. Please watch the below video for how to update the firmware and apps on your device. The OTA updater app is an app that serves to update your DroidBOX. The firmware releases may or may not […]

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How to update your PlayON firmware

Your current configuration (settings, applications themselves) will be removed when you complete the process, so make sure you’ve backed up or have alternative sources for anything you want to keep. The games that were originally preinstalled will not be there, so make sure Bitgames Center or HappyChick have the downloads you need first. Changelog: DroidBOX […]

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DroidBOX® T8-S Plus Launcher Homescreen

How To Update T8-S Plus DroidBOX®

Please note you will need up to 2Gb free space on your device. Please follow the steps at if you’re not sure where large (often temporary) files may be residing taking up space. Updating T8-S Plus will resolve issues like Playstore not working on the device and also update other apps. Please follow the steps […]

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