iMXQpro V1 and V2 owners may have seen an entry in the Settings area related to the power key/button.

The following menu is shown if you click the Settings icon (normally one or two cogs) on your homescreen.

Scroll down a line and almost to the end on the right, where you will see a “Power key definition” entry, please click it.


Now select the Shutdown option


The next time you turn your device off, you should see this menu, select Power off

You should now find you can turn your iMXQpro V1 or V2 back on again using the remote control, without any problems.

  • David Rodgers

    Received myIMXQproV yeterday. It crashed while configuring Indigo. Then it would not boot up and now only displays a red light. is it bricked? Can i return it for a replacement? I have checked your forum comments, but cannot find any answers.
    David (My order ID is 155950)

    • DroidBOX

      Can you follow the steps at (the Recovery switch is located at the back of the AV socket (use a paper clip or similar to reach far enough), if yours is an iMXQpro v2. After the first boot following the reset, once you see the Android launcher homescreen, please don’t reboot/power off for 20 minutes.
      If this doesn’t help, can you drop us an email and we’ll get this sorted out.

  • Chase Masters

    My Air mouse won’t power on my Droid box. I followed these steps and now it will power it off but no on. Any suggestions?