What do you do when you want watching the video from torrent link? You download it.

What do you do when you want watching such video on your TV? You download it to external drive, or memory card, stick the media into your TV Box and watch it.
Well, from now on you can just forget the download part and concentrate on “watch now”. Yes, it is true – you don’t have to download magnet links anymore. Just use your DroidBOX® (with right addon), TV and Bittorent Magnet link and you are all set.
Check the video below to find out how to directly watch torrent links without downloading.
Save the space. Save your time. Save everything, but not your entertainment.

  • joeontap

    cannot see any advantage of using this unless i am missing something , using this method nothing is stored so you have to watch the video “live” you cant build up a library ? nobody , i mean NOBODY watches like this these days , people locate their desired video in their ” libraries ” and watch on demand and also they may only partially watch and return to the ideo later ? this doesn’t allow that or as I say am I missing something.

    • Eugene

      Different people use technology in very different ways. Some of our staff use libraries, others are more impulsive.
      Thanks for your thoughts on the matter, and apologies for the delay with this response, a hiccup with Disqus that is hopefully now resolved.