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You may have been sent to this page because your device storage is filled up every few weeks, even though you’re not specifically downloading anything.

It could be that you’re finding Kodi, DBMC (DroidBOX® Media Centre) or even XBMC is losing configuration files and you want to stop this happening again.



The exact procedure to shut down Kodi will depend on the skin you currently have in place.
In general, you should return to Kodi’s homescreen and then look for Power, Exit or Quit menus. If the skin in use is based on Confluence, you will probably find a little Power/Standby icon in the bottom left corner, next to a picture of a star.

However the closedown is initiated, wait for the application to close down completely. Until it vanishes from the screen, files have not been written to or deleted entirely yet.


With the application properly shutdown, new temporary files should be cleared away each time automatically. If problems remain after closing down each time, please watch the video below. If DroidBOX® Control Centre is not already installed on your device, you can grab it from Google’s Play Store.

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  • Thorna McDermott

    My husband followed the instructions to close kodi down and now we can not access it at all!!!It has been stuck on a kodi v15.2isangard logo for over an hour doing nothing.None of he buttons on the remote work

    • Hi
      Please power OFF/ON your box and clear the data afterwards.Your kodi will be back to its defaults and you would have to set up streaming service again,however keep in mind that they do experience problems due to holiday season.
      Clear Data On XBMC/Kodi

      Here is how to:
      Go into Settings>Apps>XBMC/Kodi>Clear data and then again come back in XBMC from home screen . OR
      Settings> Other>More Settings> Apps>XBMC/Kodi>Clear data and then again come back in XBMC from home screen.
      Igor Lukic
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