This is an old post now, but still holds true. The only thing to remember is that the app might not be called XBMC, so look for:

Kodi (or Kodi 4 DroidBOX)
XBMC (or XBMC 4 DroidBOX)
SPMC (or SPMC 4 DroidBOX)

when scanning down the list of apps.

To reset your app’s settings to their original defaults, please do the following.

Note that this will wipe out ALL customizations you have made since first using Kodi/DBMC/etc, and any downloaded metadata (album covers, film posters, artist info etc) caused by importing your media collection will have to be redownloaded.

Start from the Android homescreen, and bring up the list of all installed applications (normally a circle with six dots, or a “My Apps” icon).

Select Settings, and click on Apps (if you can’t see an entry for Apps, please click on the OTHER tab and select the More Settings button). Wait for the list to show.

You may need to scroll, but you should see an entry for Kodi (or the names above) – click on it. If it is not greyed out, click the button labelled Force Stop and confirm you’re certain. Now click on the Clear Data button please and once again confirm. Wait until the statistics for space taken have updated, and return to Android’s homescreen.

Lollipop Devices:

DroidBOX® T8-S Plus Settings Clicked
Kitkat Amlogic Devices:

DroidBOX® T8 Settings Other Tab
Older Devices:

DroidBOX® X7 Settings

  • Graham Sullivan

    how do i enter my pass word

  • Julie Ardrey

    Hi…how do I remove a local bookmark please?

    • DroidBOX

      Can you e-mail us – – with your order ID please. If you could also let us know in the message what type of bookmark you want to remove, and confirm if it is in XBMC/Kodi.
      If it is a favourite that you added and now want to remove, press the Menu button on your remote control (or the C key if you have a keyboard) and remove the entry as a favourite from there.
      If it is an actual bookmark (within Kodi this is the term used for saving an exact position within a video/music track), let us know via e-mail and we’ll go through your options.

      • Julie Ardrey

        Hi…responding to your email…it just says “local bookmark exists”. The film I’m attempting to view is very poor quality and carries no subtitles but I’m unable to download a “newer” version because of this local bookmark. Any assistance on how to clear would be much appreciated. Regards
        Julie Ardrey

        • DroidBOX

          We’ve just sent you a direct e-mail, hopefully we’ll get this sorted.