First, decide which image you would like to have shown, and transfer it to your device, in a folder you can find again easily in a moment.
Next, open Kodi and follow this route (this assumes you’re using the Confluence or Confluence Customizable Mod skin, look for System or Settings if you’re using a different skin.

System> Appearance> Skin> Settings> Background Options> Enable Custom Background

Click that option (assuming it isn’t already enabled), then go down one line to Background Path and select it.
Now navigate to the folder you put the picture in and click on the file.

You’re done!

If you want it to look nice, the resolution of the picture should be around 720 or 1080 pixels high and widescreen.

  • SpreadTheWord

    Please help, I have the same problem. The 2nd part of the instruction is ok and I already found that part, but it’s the first part: “transfer it to your device, in a folder you can find again easily in a moment”….errr….how? So I emailed it myself and opened it in Gmail. Saved the file…but no idea where it saves to or how to find the folder. Need to change the dreadful background that comes as default!

    • Eugene


      it should be in downloads folder.

      Kind regards,

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