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Dive into the ocean of Windows possibilities with GPD Pocket UMPC laptop

A full-sized notebook in the ultra-small high class body of the best handheld nano laptop GPD Pocket PC!.

Featuring the latest Microsoft Windows 10 OS on a micro notebook with 8gb RAM and 128gb HDD. This amazing Windows tablet with 7" Gorilla Glass screen lets you work and entertain with an excellent interface, universal compatibility and performance.

GPD Pocket laptop - smaller than small

GPD Pocket 7-inch PC that fits in your pocket! With 8GB RAM and 128GB HDD PD Pocket micro laptop comparable to ultra-small premium class notebooks, but UMPC laptop GPD Pocket is even smaller and such as fancy.

Featuring a 7” 10-point touchscreen with a 1920x1200 resolution, a QWERTY keyboard with movement stick and enough power for your Windows apps, this device ticks all the right boxes!

Access everything without leaving a footprint!

Being able to watch/listen to blocked content from your preferred media provider with GPD Pocket notebook, wherever you are. A VPN connection ensures that a trip away from home doesn't need to mean missing out on your favourite series or watching any Youtube video!

Change the way you live...forever

GPD Pocket nano PC travels in your pocket with you

GPD Pocket short technical details

  • A truly pocketable Pc
  • Outstanding build quality with a clean design
  • Gorgeous IPS touch display
  • USB Type-C and port selection is excellent
Silver colored whole body
CNC integrated alloy housing
Retina technology
7-inch IPS, full HD display
Boundless glass
4.1 mm micro-border design
Chiclet keyboard
QWERTY full keyboard design
2x2 WI-FI
Supports 802.111 ac, 40x speed increase
Multi touch
Glass touch panel
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