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  1. iPega 9118 "Golden Warrior" Gamepad - Front Facing

    iPega PG-9118 Bluetooth Gamepad for Android Devices and Compatible Bluetooth Devices.

    Features dual analogue sticks, digital D-Pad and thirteen gaming buttons.

    Bluetooth 4.0 for best speed and stability.

    Rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours play.

    Extendable phone holder supports up to 5.5” devices.


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  2. DroiX R1 RetroGaming Gamepad - Front View

    Stop looking for Raspberry Pi or RetroPie Compatible Gamepads. The DroiX R1 2.4Ghz Gamepad is the perfect Gamepad, fully compatible and with NO Setup Required.

    Switch between X (PlayStation) and D (XBox) Emulation Input Methods via the Switch present on the back of the Controller, to accommodate any of your Emulation Needs.

    Immersive Gaming Experience with the Dual Shock Vibration, and comfortable to hold for longer sessions of gaming due to its ergonomic design and high quality materials used.

    The battery will easily get you through a long gaming session, with a capacity of 500mAh and in case you do run out, don't worry. There is a 5V Charging Cable included for you to charge the DroiX R1 Gamepad

    Starting From: Regular Price: £19.99 Special Price £13.95

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  3. Retro Classic Gamepad

    Retro Gaming Classic Gamepad, compatible with RetroPie,Raspberry Pi,Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux

    USB 2.0 Wired Controller for extended compatibility with multiple systems

    Plug and Play functionality - No Drivers required.


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  4. U6 Mini Keyboard with Gaming Functions Flat

    The U6 Mini Keyboard with Gaming Controls is the latest 6-in-1 Accessory from DroiX, featuring a FULL QWERTY Keyboard, a Touch-pad supporting gestures and Gaming Controls.

    Compatible with a various range of devices from Windows-based Computers, Laptops or HTPC to Android-based Devices such as the Android TV Range of Set-Top boxes or Smart Projectors.

    Plug&Play - Straight out of the box! The U6 doesn't require any software in order to pair with your device of choice. Just take the USB Dongle located on the back of the Mini-Keyboard and insert it in the USB Port of your device.

    A 800mAh Battery provides the power for the U6, being able to last for 10 hours of constant usage. The charging is done through a Micro-USB Port located on the top of the Mini-Keyboard


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  5. iPega PG-9156 Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless Gamepad for Android, Windows and iOS - With Phone in Holder

    Use it seemingly during those long gaming hours with your friends! The iPega 9156 is iPega’s latest Bluetooth 2.4Ghz Gamepad. Just pair it with your device and start playing!

    The iPega 9156 is widely compatible with a vast majority of devices. It supports Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and it connects to them via Bluetooth, a feature that’s lacking in the majority of Bluetooth Gamepads. No further Application is needed or any setup, connect it and jump straight into PUBG.

    No Bluetooth? No problem! The iPega 9156 2.4Ghz Gamepad comes with a 2.4Ghz USB Type-A 2.0 Dongle/Receiver, meaning that you can just plug it in your PC, Android BOX or even TV and get ready to play.

    To offer even a more immersive experience, the iPega 9156 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Gamepad comes with a Telescopic Smartphone Holder, which can hold smartphones which are up to 85mm in width. You can also adjust the angle to have a better experience.

    The battery will last you the entire gaming session, unlike other gamepads on the market which run out of battery after a while.

    Starting From: Regular Price: £19.99 Special Price £18.49

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  6. iPega 9076 Gamepad Front-View

    Step-Up your Gaming Experience with the iPega 9076 Wireless Gamepad

    Use it on your favourite Platforms: The iPega 9076 Wireless Gamepad is Compatible with Windows-Based Devices, Android Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Android TV) and VR Headsets. It really has it all!

    Textured Grip on the Handles and its overall Comfortable Ergonomic Design are perfect for your Gaming needs, enhancing your Gaming Experience

    Take the Smartphone Gaming to a whole new level! Its Built-In Smartphone Holder that fits Smartphones from 4-6" Inch in Width, allowing you to beat the highest score on every Game

    It will last your whole Gaming Session without running out of battery! The iPega 9076 comes with a 380mAh Built-In Li-Ion Battery that is capable of withstanding 10 Hours + of uninterrupted Gaming


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  7. iPega 9099 "Wolverine" Gamepad - Front Display

    Sleek, High-End and Fully Featured ; Are some of the words you'd use to define the iPega 9099 "Wolverine" Gamepad. This brand-new gamepad released by iPega aims to change the way you look at gaming On-The-Go, or in the comfort of your own home. With a minimal price, you are not opting out on any of the features an High-End Gamepad would offer.

    Experience Gaming like Never Before with the iPega 9099 "Wolverine" Gamepad.

    It is widely compatible with Multiple Platforms, such as Windows (7, 8, 10 Versions) ; Smartphones and Tablets (Based on Android) and Smart TV/Android Set-Top Boxes.

    It is truly Plug-and-Play. All you have to do is connect the Gamepad to your device via Bluetooth, and you're ready to join the LAN Party.

    For a full immersive experience, the iPega 9099 has Dual-Motor Vibration built-in (Provided the game you are trying to play supports it).


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  8. iPega 9087 Bluetooth Gamepad connected to a Smartphone playing PUBG

    Play like a Pro on your Android Phone or Tablet, or even your Windows PC. The iPega 9087 has a telescopic holder to fit Android devices up to 6.2 inches. It comes with dual analogue joysticks, a D-Pad and twelve gaming buttons. There is also a Turbo acceleration button to allow you to shoot faster for example. It is Bluetooth compatible with Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android TV Box and Windows PC. Wired connection is supported for Windows PC and Android TV Boxes.

    Telescopic holder for phones up to 6.2 inches

    Dual analogue stick, D-Pad and twelve gaming buttons

    Turbo acceleration button for faster button presses, shoot faster

    Bluetooth connection up to 8 meters for Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android TV Box and Windows PC. Wired connection is supported for Windows PC and Android TV Box

    Rechargeable battery for hours of fun.


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  9. iPega 9120 "Unicorn" - Front Facing

    Fight until the end with the iPega PG-9120 one handed gamepad controller for Android devices. With the analogue stick and digital D-Pad you can accurately run and aim and use on screen controls for firing. This gives you the extra edge against your opponents to finish the fight, first!

    The iPega-9120 Gamepad has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for fast and strong data transfer. It has a rechargeable battery which lasts for up to 20 hours play time, and up to 30 days on standby. It has an extendable device holder up from 140mm to 220mm to fit most devices.

    One handed Gamepad controller for Fortnite and PUBG Games. Supports most Android Smartphones (Requirement is a Bluetooth Connection and the smartphone's dimension)

    Analogue stick, digital D-Pad and Home button

    Uses Bluetooth 4.0 for strong and fast connection

    Extended range 140-220mm


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