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  1. Bittboy LDK Retro Gaming Console Yellow - Playing DOOM

    Experience portable retro gaming at home or on the go with the LDK Handheld

    Dual core CPU, 128MB DDR2 RAM with a 2.6 inch 4:3 Screen

    16GB Micro SD Card included, you can add more storage through external Micro SD card slot

    1000mAH lithium rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours play time

    Supports up to 45 emulators and games with upgradeable custom firmware

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  2. BITTBOY Pocket GO - Retro Gaming Portable Handheld Console - Front View

    The newly launched, BITTBOY Pocket GO is BITTBOY’s latest Retro Gaming Handheld. We have learned over time, and applied that knowledge in the making of the Pocket GO.

    This landscape style Retro Gaming Handheld is the perfect choice for Gamers of all ages. With 10 systems supported, you can be sure to find a title that brings back memories.


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  3. DroiX RetroPie Home Entertainment Gaming System N-LINE - With i9 Mini-Keyboard and SNES Controller

    Relive classic games from the 1970’s through to 2000’s, or experience them for the first time with the DroiX Retro Gaming N-Line Console

    The fully assembled Classic NES style case with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and two SNES style USB gamepad or DroiX R1 Gamepads (Please make sure you purchase the item you desire) looks and feels just like the original from the 90’s.

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  4. RG300 Grey and Transparent - Playing Price of Persia and Retro Game

    The DroiX RG300 Retro Gaming Handheld is the latest Portable Retro Gaming handheld released by DroiX. With a focus on Build Quality and Gaming Experience, we are confident the RG300 will cover all the basis for a great “all-round” Portable Gaming Console.

    The screen is a stunning 3” panel, with a Glass Protection layer, minimising the risk of scratches or dents. Operating at 960*480 pixels, the image is bright, crisp and beautiful.

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  5. NEW Bittboy V3 Retro Gaming Handheld Emulator - Front View with Software

    UPDATED The BITTBOY V3.5 - This is the latest Hardware Revision

    High quality glass screen protector, no more plastic scratches

    New vibration support for games and emulators

    Hassle free button combinations with improved support fixing "Ghost Keys"

    Play all your favourite classic retro games or discover new ones with the BittBoy handheld. The high quality 2.4” IPS display is perfect for 8bit and 16bit gaming.


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  6. RS 97 Plus V3 - Anniversary Edition OpenDingux Retro Gaming Handheld - Front Facing

    The RS-97 Plus family is now bigger, with the RS-97 Plus V3 – Anniversary Edition, you are getting an extra Micro SD/TF Card Slot, OMRON Thumb Stick, an upgraded Display Panel, a 1800mAh Battery and much more!

    We have greatly improved our product line-up based on our previous RS-97 Plus models, ensuring that every aspect of the RS-97 Plus V3 – Anniversary Edition is polished and more robust.

    Coming in the “Anniversary Edition” skin, the RS-97 Plus is running on the popular OpenDingux Firmware, which offers a beautiful and organised User Interface, a much higher compatibility rate and with the help of our constantly growing community, one of the largest support user base for a handheld.


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  7. GPD WIN 2 - Playing GTA V

    Our GPD WIN 2 comes in a compact form but doesn’t sacrifice on the game play experience. GPD WIN 2’s lightweight design and heavyweight hardware processing power allows it to achieve an impressive ratio between portability and performance.

    The latest gaming handheld from GPD is back! The GPD WIN 2 is now more powerful than it's predecessor, packing a Intel Core™ m3-7y30 processor, which can ramp up to 2.70Ghz when is under stress. It's integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU is capable of handling your latest gaming library and fulfil your media needs with its 4K Capabilities.

    Coming in three different Storage Options (256GB, 512GB and 1TB - To be chosen during checkout), the GPD WIN 2 can store all of your Games, ready to be played on the daily commute.

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  8. DroiX Coolbaby RS-12 Mini Retro Arcade

    Portable arcade retro gaming measuring 11.7x8.6x9cm with a 3” LCD screen

    Comes with over 500 classic retro games for CP1. CP2, GBA, SFC, MD, FC systems

    Connect two RS-12 Arcade Mini with the included link cable for two player gaming

    Expand your gaming library by adding games via an external Micro SD card

    Rechargeable battery for up to five hours of gaming time


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  9. Coolbaby  RetroGame RS-97 PRO Transparent Front View playing Pac Man

    RetroGame RS-97 PRO Retro Gaming Portable Mini Console with 3" Color Display lets you enjoy your favorite childhood titles On-The-Go!

    It comes with various Emulators for Consoles such as: Capcom Play System, NeoGeo, Megadrive / Genesis, Sega Master System and GameGear with over 3000 Pre-Installed Games

    It looks cool with a transparent case and it's small form-factor makes it perfect for taking it with you wherever you go

    It sports a 3" Inch Color Display, a Dual-Core 64bit Processor with 16GB of Storage and a Micro SD Card Slot for expansion

    The Software allows you to add your own emulators, and watch Videos, listen to Music, view Photos and Documents in various formats.


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  10. Coolbaby  RS-07 Retro Arcade Angled Photo with two controllers playing Sonic

    Enjoy your favourite Retro Gaming Titles On-The-Go with the RS-07 Retro Arcade

    Included are two controllers to share the fun of gaming with your friends at all times on the 4.3" Inch Full View TFT Screen

    It comes with various Emulators for Consoles such as: Arcade, GameBoy Advance(GBA), Super Famicom(SFC), Megadrive / Sega Genesis(MD), FC, GameBoy Colour(GBC), GameBoy(GB) with over 3000 Pre-Installed Games


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  11. GPD XD Plus - Front View
    The GPD XD+ handheld device small enough to fit in your pocket, it is around the size of your average mobile phone and twice as thick. It features a 5” Touchscreen, two analogue joysticks, a D-Pad and ten gaming buttons. It features a powerful MT8176+PowerVR Hexa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32Gb Storage and runs Android 7. It also features Vulkan Engine support for even greater performance increases in supported games and emulators.

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