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Windows - Lighter On Your Wallet!

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August 26, 2016

Open Windows - Let The World Of Entertainment Inside Your Home With DroidBOX!

The development of mini-PCs running a full version of Windows have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Whether you want an unobtrusive silent PC in your living room, need a computer you can pack in your pocket, or want a Skype client in your kitchen our range of Windows powered devices will open up a world of possibilities for you and yours!

Open Windows - Let The World Of Entertainment Inside Your Home With DroidBOX®! Conditions apply, see end of this post

To have the discount applied, you will need to type in a code - DBXWINDOWS15OFF during the checkout stage. Once confirmed by the system, the appropriate amount will be discounted from your order.

To learn more about these Windows mini PCs, please watch the videos and click the images below.

W8 Pro
DroidBOX® W8 Pro


DroidBOX® T11


DroidBOX® W10


Please note:
This discount is for the T11, W8 Pro and W10 models only. Any other items in your order will be charged at the normal price.

This promotion applies from the time of publication for this post, until the 9th of September 2016.

Please note that discounts can not be applied retroactively - you will need to check the price reduction is shown (make sure the code is typed carefully or just copy and paste it from this post)

This discount code can not be used in combination with any other offers.

Limited of five discounted devices per customer.

Any attempts to place orders outside of these conditions will lead to the order being cancelled.

Windows 10