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Why the DroidBOX® T8 Mini and iMXQpro Gamer’s Editions are the perfect present?

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November 18, 2016

This week we highlight the DroidBOX® T8 Mini and iMXQpro Gamer's Editions models. You can find out more about these devices, enter our giveaway to win one, and take advantage of our 15% discount if you want to buy them now and beat the festive rush!


Why the DroidBOX® T8 Mini and iMXQpro Gamer’s Editions are the perfect present!

Our DroidBOX® T8 Mini and iMXQpro Gamer’s Edition bundle are the perfect present, because they are small yet pack a punch, great for games and media. Both feature fast quad core processors, 2GB RAM and plenty of storage. They come with our DroidBOX® Play Gamepad Pro and VIP Plus remote control.

With the included wireless Play Gamepad Pro, you can play the latest Android games. You can also stream and play the latest PC gaming blockbusters such as Battlefield 1 and Civilization from your gaming PC, onto your large TV via the DroidBOX®. Or if you fancy something more retro, you can play a wide variety of classic games such as Mario and Sonic, with emulators ranging from NES to PlayStation. And you can of course, enjoy your favourite media via our own build of Kodi called DroidBOX® Media Centre (DBMC).

gamers-edition-games Just some of the many games you can play on the Gamer's Editions

Win a DroidBOX® T8 Mini Gamer's Edition

So, how do you enter for a chance at winning a DroidBOX T8 Mini Gamer's Edition? Fill in the form below to register. With a few shares and following of social network accounts you can have multiple entries! The more you share, the higher your chance of winning. Share the competition with your friends, and for each that enters you'll receive an additional entry! Please see the full rules by clicking the button in the bottom right corner.

Each time we run a competition, we get queries from members of the public, concerned whether there are really any prizes, and if real people win! If you're not sure, have a quick check of our previous competition's results: Cracking Cordcutting Giveaway Winners AnnouncementThe Big Festive Gaming Giveaway! Winners Announced and We Are DroidBOX® Giveaway winners announced !