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VIP Easter - Control Your Fun Easily! Extended.

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March 25, 2016

For a long time now DroidBOX® have helped to keep our prices down to the minimum by supplying a basic infrared remote control with our devices. Whilst they function, using them to type on screen or move a cursor can be tiring.

DroidBOX Easter Newsletter

This Easter (AND BEYOND!) DroidBOX®, with each purchase of a media device, are giving away one free DroidBOX® VIP Plus remote control.

All you need to do is add one of DroidBOX® models (from here) to your basket at our site.
Then, please add a DroidBOX® VIP Plus remote as well
After that, please type in a promotional code - DBX1AMV1P - during the checkout stage.
The magic happens and the price of the remote control will be discounted from your order!

Happy EASTER! Happy start to April as well - that's right, we've EXTENDED this offer until the end of Sunday, 3rd of April.

Where To Enter The DroidBOX Promotional Code

Whether you want a quick session on your favourite emulator, to easily emulate a finger swiping on the screen or tend to search for items with more than two or three letters in their name, this free upgrade to celebrate Easter and lighter evenings is just what you need!