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April 15, 2016

DroidBOX®'s Bargain Corner is an online clearance area to be found on our site. Dedicated to bringing you the very best deals for pre-loved, cosmetic imperfections or end of line devices.

If your heart yearns for the best Android devices, but your bank manager is shaking their head, then make sure you check the Bargain Corner page!

The DroidBOX Bargain Corner


You'll find those that are immediately available have an Order button. Those models not yet ready for dispatch, have a Backorder button instead. The screenshot below shows the models listed when this blog post was written, you may find it differs.

Bargain Corner Models


Whether you're struggling to get the go ahead from your partner for a second DroidBOX® device (perhaps for your bedroom), or you're dipping your toes into the cable cutting scene for the first time, DroidBOX®'s Bargain Corner could well be the answer you were searching for! With prices this low and limited supplies, don't dawdle and get your order in today...

Warranties and support

Please visit https://droidbox.co.uk/terms-of-service/ to read the relevant Terms and Conditions that apply to purchases from the Bargain Corner. These include, but are not limited to:

Items can have minor damage to the case, and/or signs of wear and tear. From a technological point of view, these devices are identical to the full priced versions.

With future promotions from DroidBOX®, rules, discounts and/or gift items can vary for Bargain Corner items.