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Good Enough McCoy or Con?

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November 26, 2015

Whether using a similar looking case with slower (often older) components, or simply lower quality substitutions for the hardware, unscrupulous dealers out there will take your money.

You'll not be getting a good product, and often the support often is minimal at best.
If you want to save a few pounds, buy a mid-range device from a reputable supplier.
We'd obviously prefer it if the device came from us, but we don't want any more unsuspecting members of the public to find out the hard way that counterfeit and sub-standard silicon do not represent long-term savings.


If you order a DroidBOX® device, it should come from us or Amazon. If another retailer claims to have new DroidBOX® devices at a discount, they are NOT supplying DroidBOX® hardware. To ensure you're receiving the real McCoy order directly from https://DroidBOX.co.uk . (This does not apply to second hand devices, though support for these will require proof of the original purchase from us).


Get a device from a company in Britain. All staff use these products at home. Some retailers across the world don't take their work home...
Why? If you're selling fakes, you'd not want the following scene re-enacted with your loved ones.