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Watching TV Online (Including When Not In Britain)

If you are not in the UK, but want to watch British channels, then the simplest way is to use something like IPVanish. This will create a VPN connection to a server in Britain (Tunnel Bear is just one example, there are a lot of different VPN suppliers).

DroidBOX® have partnered with IPVanish, you can read more about this over at https://droidbox.co.uk/blog/droidbox-announces-partnership-with-ipvanish-vpn/ and https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/how-to-set-up-ipvanish-vpn-app/?s=ipvanish .

When you open the BBC's iPlayer application, you appear to be in Britain, and so can view their live channels.

Flags Of The World

Next up is watching the TV series and films that UK TV channels are broadcasting, but not using live streams. A bit like a PVR/Sky+ - you choose what to watch and when.
As an example, if BBC1 have an episode of Silent Witness on, at some point in the day or two following the broadcast, I would expect that episode to be available to view via different add-ons in Kodi. Something like Exodus, S.A.L.T.S (Stream All The Sources) and Velocity are the best add-ons to check first.
Pros: It is free. The quality normally is better than watching live streams (especially with films).
Cons: If you're wanting to watch a football match or the evening news, you won't be able to.

Finally, using various add-ons in Kodi to view live streams of UK channels. Add-ons like Phoenix (check the different collections there), UK Turk Playlists, Halow Live and FilmOn are worth looking at.
Pros: Free. Able to watch live events.
Cons: Quality can vary, sometimes streams will be taken offline and you'll need to search through the add-ons for a new source for the TV channel you want.

When it comes to the shortcuts you see when opening Kodi, these all lead to specific parts of the add-ons installed in Kodi. If you ever can't find a shortcut you want, scroll to the Media Portal/Video Add-ons menu and click on it. You'll now see a list of different add-ons. Click on an add-on (see above for some suggestions) and check which ones reliably have streams of content you want to watch.


Important notice:

As ever, make sure that viewing the video streams you want to is legal where you live. We do not recommend customers ever break the law. If unsure, please do ask.