Let's start with the basics. Your DroidBOX® device needs to be
a) Connected to your home network
b) Have internet access (if you're wanting it to be remote controlled from someone not in your house already)

If you meet these conditions already, bring up the list of all installed Android applications, and scroll until you see an icon titled QuickSupport, and click on it. Some devices have a launcher where this program is also accessible via a DroidBOX® Help and Support shortcut. It doesn't matter which you use.
Open QuickSupport By TeamViewer

You'll see a screen similar to this, make a note of the number ("Your ID") displayed
QuickSupport Main Screen

Tell us or the person you want assistance from this number, and they will enter it in their TeamViewer app (see towards the end of the article for a brief rundown).

If all is well, you'll be asked if you want to Allow remote support. Assuming this is expected, click Allow.
TeamViewer Allow Remote Connection

From here you can chat with the person connected to your Android deviceTeamViewer QuickSupport Chat Window


We can also check which programs are currently running on your DroidBOX®, to check if an app is running, but not displayed, or if one application is misconfigured and being a memory hog.
Processes Displayed In TeamViewer

We can also check your applications' configurations. Using the file manager, it is possible for us to check the settings an app has stored, and in doing so, sometimes pinpoint where a problem starts.
TeamViewer File Manager

If you're having problems following instructions you've found on the internet, or we have sent you, you can also ask us to remotely control your DroidBOX® device. You'll first be asked by the TeamViewer QuickSupport application if you are happy for this to occur...

If you click "Allow", then after a brief pause, we will be able to see your DroidBOX®'s display on our PC, and control your on screen cursor. Whilst this occurs, everything will remain as normal for you - you can watch what we do on your TV.
DroidBOX Remotely Control Your Device With Permission

When everything has been sorted, and you are happy with the result, you can close the program by clicking the Go Back/Return key on your remote control (you'll be asked to confirm that you want to close the remote connection). From this point onwards, you are the only person controlling your DroidBOX® device again.
QuickSupport Confirm Close Connection