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iMX6 - WiFi Won't Turn On?

You should find that File Manager HD is installed on your device, if so, go to the Settings menu, tick Root Explorer (grant root access when asked), then tick Change System Folders. If you're unable to find these options, please run Google's Play Store application (see https://droidbox.co.uk/blog/faq-2/googles-play-store-signing-in-and-auto-updates/ ) and try again.

Now navigate to the /data/misc/wifi folder (first click on the Downloads folder link at the top of the menu on the left, then click the little icon of a phone, from here, proceed to the data folder, then misc, then wifi).

Scroll to the wpa_supplicant file and click & hold the OK button

Select delete and confirm you're sure

Turn off your iMX6, reboot and go back to the WiFi settings page, you should now be able to turn it on and select your WiFi network.