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DroidBOX® T8 Purchased Before June 2015?

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November 12, 2015

Please read if you purchased T8 before June 2015

( These instructions are for T8 OWNERS ONLY!!! )

Have a T8-S Device? Stop. This post isn't for you. If you flash this firmware you'll invalidate your warranty.

You might get error message while trying to upgrade OTA if you purchased your T8 before June 2015. In that case you will have manually upgrade your T8 with most recent firmware. Please read about the required steps below.

How to update:

In order to update firmware for T8 purchased before June 2015 you will need to download the upgrade file and copy it into freshly formatted SD Card:


You should have only 1 file on the SD Card:

  • dbxt8-ota-20151031.zip
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Other -> System Update
    OTA Upgrade System Update
    Firmware upgrade screen Firmware Upgrade screen
  3. Plug the SD Card in
  4. Press Select and choose dbxt8-ota-20151031.zip from the SD card and press ok
  5. Select Wipe Data and Wipe Media if you wish to have a fresh installation
  6. Press update
  7. Device should now reboot and the upgrade procedure will start
  8. After it finishes the upgrade, it should reboot and boot back into Android
  9. Go through the device setup wizard and it is completed