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DroidBOX® T11 Unboxing and Demo

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August 11, 2016

We launched our brand new Windows 10 based device, the DroidBOX® T11, earlier this week. We have created an unboxing and demonstration video showing just some of the features and software you can use on it.

The DroidBOX® T11 has Windows 10 Home installed and gives easy access to a home PC at an affordable price with a compact design measuring less than 13cm in length and width, and 3.5cm in height. The DroidBOX® T11 is ideal for day to day home PC usage. From web browsing, social media, office documents, and media playing. The 32GB of storage allows you to install a variety of software such as the media center Kodi. You can further expand the storage with an internal 2.5” drive bay for an hard drive.

T11-1T11-2 T11-3 T11-4






You can find out more information and order the DroidBOX® T11 on our page at https://droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-t11-dualboot-windows10-android.html . Please note that the included power supply will have a UK plug, not the Euro-style two pin version seen above.