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DroidBOX® Main Models Comparison Spring 2017

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May 19, 2017

Our customers often want to know which device (both those powered by Android and Windows) is most likely to suit their needs and budget. To speed up the process a little we have written this post as a guide...

Please note this article is an accurate summary of our set top boxes at the time of publication. If you're visiting this post and it is not Spring 2017 any more, please check for more recent posts at https://DroidBOX.co.uk/blog/ or contact us directly.

Mainstream (Android) Devices

Top of the line

DroidBOX® T8-S Plus v2

DroidBOX® T8-S Plus v2

Ruling the roost right now, we have this Marshmallow based device. It has the AmLogic S905 chipset, with an Penta-core (5x) GPU. It has room for a laptop hard drive inside and has a second Linux-based operating system (LibreELEC).




DroidBOX® T8 Mini

DroidBOX® T8 Mini

For those on a tighter budget, the T8 Mini also features the Marshmallow build of Android. There isn't an internal hard drive bay, but the T8 Mini does also come with the second operating system (LibreELEC) based on Linux.



Tighter budget

DroidBOX® iMXQpro v2

If you need to have a recent Android device, but your budget won't stretch to the T8 Mini, the iMXQpro v2 may be the best fit for your needs.



Tightest budget!

DroidBOX® iMXQpro

DroidBOX® iMXQpro

If you need to have a Lollipop based device but budget reigns supreme as your motivator, then the iMXQpro (updated for 2017) may be your best match. With half the RAM of the devices above, and just 8Gb of storage compared to the Mini's 16Gb or the T8-S Plus' 32Gb you can see where the savings have been made. A quality product aimed at those who need to keep the cost down whilst ensuring they still get the best technology.



Specialty devices


DroidBOX® PlayOn (GPD XD)

DroidBOX® PlayON

Able to handle gaming on the go as well as catching up with your favourite TV series or the latest films, if you need your entertainment to be in your hands, this is the model (Android 4.4.4) you need. For those after a quick spec summary, a Rockchip RK3288 powers the device with a Mail-T764 GPU. 2Gb of RAM with 32Gb of storage mean you'll not run out of space anytime soon, though we do also stock a Red DroidBOX® PlayOn version with 64Gb if you want to store lots of files.

DroidBOX GPD Win

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, prove solutions to all of Landau's problems and still serve up games on a Windows platform AND fit in your pocket. The DroidBOX GPD Win is a handheld PC that can play a lot of games with the right settings. Whether you need Windows 10 in your pocket, or just want a versatile portable media player, the Win is a great... win for customers!



DroidBOX® Go v2

DroidBOX® Go Pink Rose Mini DLP Smart Handheld Android powered projector

If you've a large white wall or move around a lot, why worry about carrying cables for each TV you encounter? With this projector you can set up and start beaming out your apps onto any flat surface. For those keeping tabs, the reliable Amlogic S905 powers the projector with Android 5.1 installed in the CHECK THIS 16Gb of storage with 1Gb of RAM.



Gamer's Edition Bundles

DroidBOX® Play Pro Gamepad

The T8-S Plus v2, T8 Mini and iMXQpro v2 are all also available as a bundle, useful if gaming on a big TV is your favourite way to relax. As well as the normal package you get with each model, you will also receive a VIP Plus remote control and a Play Gamepad Pro, saving you money at the same time!

See also the hand held devices above for great gaming on the move, whether it is Android or Windows 10 based!


HDMI Recording & NAS

DroidBOX® R1 NAS

DroidBOX® R1 NAS

This box is 3 in 1! You have a great Android device that can be used in the same way as the T8 Mini etc above, it also has an HDMI IN socket. This means you can plug in your console, camcorder or other device with an HDMI socket, and record all the action. Finally, if you want to serve files in your house, run some downloads without leaving the PC on or want to tweak your home network, OpenWRT on the R1 NAS means doing so is very easy. So if any of those tasks sound familiar, the R1 NAS could be just the answer!


Windows based devices

DroidBOX® T11

DroidBOX® T11

The mini PC comes with Windows 10 Home and as with the T8-S Plus, features an internal 2.5" drive bay for hard drive installation (on top of the 32Gb of internal storage). Powered by the Intel Atom x5 Z8300 CPU and Intel HD Graphics (Gen7) with 2Gb of RAM.