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DroidBOX® iMXQpro unboxing and demo

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June 17, 2016

In this blog post, we round up the unboxing of our three newly released devices. We previously covered the DroidBOX® Go smart mini projector and the DroidBOX® T8 Mini, and now we have the unboxing and demo of the DroidBOX® iMXQpro.

Watch our video below.

The DroidBOX® iMXQpro is a budget solution for those who want to pay less but don’t want to lose out in terms of functionality and quality. The price is low, but, nonetheless, these are high quality components inside the iMXQpro! The DroidBOX® iMXQpro is perfect for a streaming device, with DroidBOX® Share and OTA updates. It is also great for social media and entertainment.


The DroidBOX® iMXQpro features a 2.0 GHz Quad Core S905 processor with 1GB of fast DDR3 memory and 8GB storage. It also has a Mali-450 graphics processor which means as well as media viewing it is also more than capable of playing games.


Here is an overview of the software you can find on the iMXQpro. As you can see we have installed all the most popular apps including our own custom made ones.

DroidBOX® Control Centre is a great app which you can use as reference for using your DroidBOX® from everyday tasks to more advanced ones. Or if you have an issue, you can fix the most common ones with it.

DroidBOX® Market is our own marketplace which has many handpicked apps from a variety of categories such as TV and Gaming.

DroidBOX® Share allows you to connect to the iMXQpro with your mobile device to control and share the screen.

The VPN app IPVanish is also installed for safe and anonymous internet usage as well as bypassing geo-blocking.

And finally, the latest versions of the media center Kodi, as well as our own custom version DBMC, are to be found on the iMXQpro. As always, we will release OTA firmware updates to bring new features and software for your DroidBOX®.

You can find our more about and purchase the DroidBOX® iMXQpro, which is available now, from https://droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-t8-amlogic-s802.html.