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DroidBOX® i18 Unboxing and Demo

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August 18, 2016

This week we launched our brand new DroidBOX® i18 wireless keyboard. Watch our video for the unboxing and demonstration.

The DroidBOX® i18 wireless multimedia keyboard features a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad to control the on-screen mouse cursor. There are four multimedia buttons and a left mouse button conveniently located on the top of the keyboard. The i18 is perfect for using on your lap or table surface and is small and light to carry in a bag measuring around 32x12.3x1.7cm. The battery is rechargeable via a standard USB plug and it has a USB 2.4Ghz wireless dongle to connect to Android and Windows based devices.

You can find out more information about the DroidBOX® i18 wireless keyboard at https://droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-i18-2-4ghz-mini-keyboard.html