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DroidBOX® and Remotr announce integration partnership. Ensuring you can game where you are, not where the PC is!

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August 19, 2016

DroidBOX® and Remotr are very happy to announce today, a partnership between the companies, to bring the latest in PC video game streaming software to both Android and Windows based set-top devices.

The partnership will see DroidBOX® to become the first set-top box provider to have the Remotr software pre-installed on compatible Android and Windows devices. New customers will find it included on their devices and for existing customers, it will be made available (for OTA compatible models and devices) as a firmware update. The Remotr app is also available via the DroidBOX® Market for Android devices, and Microsoft’s Windows Store.

The Remotr software essentially allows you to play PC games on your DroidBOX® Android or Windows device. If your PC is in the bedroom and you want to play downstairs on the large TV, you can simply stream the game and play it on your DroidBOX® without having to move the PC.

DroidBOX® is a UK based company founded in 2013 providing high quality Android and Windows based set-top boxes to customers around the world. With the DroidBOX® T8-S Plus Gamer’s Edition (which comes with a 120GB internal SSD, premium remote control and a bluetooth gamepad), gamers have already been enjoying the best Android games. By including Remotr in the range of software available on *compatible DroidBOX® devices, it allows gamers to stream and play their PC video games anywhere with an internet connection!

Remotr was founded in October 2014, when the three founders – Avi Kaye, Rafal Krochmal, and Radek Zawartko - had the idea of bridging the gap between PC games and other platforms, such as mobile and TV. The Remotr app was launched in February 2015 for Android and in September 2015 for iOS. Remotr has been downloaded nearly half a million times, and has been used to launch over 4,000 different games.

DroidBOX® Website: https://droidbox.co.uk/
Remotr Website: http://remotrapp.com/

Please watch the below videos for the announcement, how to setup Remotr on your DroidBOX®, and a demonstration of Remotr running on a DroidBOX®.

*Compatible DroidBOX devices are:

DroidBOX T8-S Plus
DroidBOX T8-S Plus Gamers Edition
DroidBOX T8-S
DroidBOX T8
DroidBOX T8 Mini
DroidBOX W10
DroidBOX T11
DroidBOX PlayON