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DBMC 16.7-00 Released With Repository Fix

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July 4, 2017

DBMC (DroidBOX® Media Centre) has been updated, so version 16.7-00 is ready and available via a downloaded from the DroidBOX Market.

DBMC 16.7-00 Kodi Repo Working

DBMC is a fork of Kodi for Android created by DroidBOX®. DBMC contains various experimental fixes and settings that can help users when the normal Kodi for Android application doesn't work on their specific hardware.

DBMC 16.7-00 System Info

If you encountered problems with using Repositories that still worked in Kodi, head to https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/installing-dbmc-16-7-00-on-your-android-box to read more. If you have used our DroidBOX Market before, head to the Kodi DBMC SPMC section and update DBMC from there. If that doesn't mean much, do click the link for screenshots and an expanded explanation.

DBMC 16.7-00 DroidBOX Market Update