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Buying The Best Home Theatre PC With DroidBOX!

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February 24, 2017

Looking for a HTPC (Home Theatre PC)? Keep reading to discover how to get the best model, at the best price, from the best supplier!

The DroidBOX® range of devices have many uses, from watching TV and gaming on a big screenm through organizing your music collection, past the walled garden limits that other manufacturers impose with their living room entertainment devices, all the way through to anything your imagination can dream up!

OK, that is a small fib. If you want your HTPC to co-ordinate feeding the goldfish, hoovering, mowing the lawn and paying the milkman, some research time and extra hardware will be required, but you get the idea...

Why focus on DroidBOX® for a Home Theatre PC? We'll cover some of the main reasons customers tell us they select this brand whether it be a budget Android device, portable or Dual Booting box, it seems to come down to:


DroidBOX - The Company & The Support

DroidBOX® K5 M5 New Look Boot

Here at DroidBOX, our online support documents & videos help the community to trace issues and provide answers. If this doesn't sort the issue, our staff can be contacted via phone, text chat or email.

If you see adverts promising devices crammed full of illegal pirated content, consider just how stuffed and dangerous a HTPC please read the 5 Reasons, How To Slow Down Kodi and Hacking Your Bank posts at this blog.
If you think having your warranty honoured by a retailer is reassuring consider skipping the sellers that risk their business for short term profit. We are here to help, should you need assistance with your Home Theatre PC you will not want a short term profit focused company that cares only about with no thought or care for regulations. Unlike those companies, we will be there for you!

Our devices come with useful applications, all fully legitimate and licensed where required. Unlike many competitors, our Android and Windows powered Mini HTPCs don't suffer under the strain of bloatware and add-ons that are often out of date and of questionable legality. Installing new software is made very easy - end up with a device that does exactly what you need, without wasting space on features you will never use or want!



Kodi Site Screenshot
Whether you plan to use 3rd party add-ons or simply plan to setup Kodi to use your existing media collection, the DroidBOX range of Home Theatre devices ensure that you never run out of entertainment!

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. They have no affiliation with DroidBOX, nor are in any other way connected to Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. The use of illustrative images should not be construed to be an endorsement from the trademark owner(s).



DBMC Logo 128 128
DroidBOX® Media Centre (or DBMC) is based on the Kodi application, specifically a fork of it called SPMC. It contains many tweaks and optimizations for Android devices, and allows you to install and use alternative set ups.



LibreELEC Just Enough OS for Kodi
If you choose a dual boot Home Theatre PC, you will find you have both Android and LibreELEC installed. One is a great all rounder, the other is a mean, lean media playing machine! See https://droidbox.co.uk/blog/what-is-libreelec-why-does-it-matter/ for more details.


Casting and more!

We've included some of our videos from https://www.youtube.com/user/DroidboxInUK/videos below, to give you an idea of what is possible with the right equipment and software.


Google Cast Google Cast

AirPlay AirPlay Logo



Remote Control DroidBOX® Share Logo

DroidBOX Share can be used with your smartphone or tablet to interact with your Android powered DroidBOX Mini Home Theatre PC.
Some great features found with DroidBOX Share:
● Stream any file (audio, video, photos, Microsoft Office documents, TXT, PDF etc ) from Android phones and tablets to your TV via the DroidBOX device
● Use your phone or tablet as a mouse, type out searches easily, and remote control your DroidBOX
● Mirror the TV screen to your smartphone or tablet and control the DroidBOX
● Control the real-time scaling and rotatation of images from your Android mobile device, with the resulting display on your TV!
● Supports any DLNA certificated client - iMediaShare, BubbleUPnP etc
● Stream your Android phone or tablet's camera and microphone to your TV