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Announcing DroidBOX®'s Control Centre

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March 4, 2016

If you own a T8-S Plus you will have had an opportunity to use this application already. This updated version of the Control Centre has more features enabled.

To update your T8-S Plus to this newer version of the DroidBOX® Control Centre, you will need to wait for the upcoming OTA update.

Other models can either use the Play Store (see below for the link) , or download the APK manually from https://droidboxcloud.com/index.php/s/TLPkdptxV7p9YON . Updating to this new version requires the same steps as a brand new install. If you're not sure how to install a downloaded file, please wait for an announcement regarding the system update that will be made available via the OTA Updates application on your device.

You can look at the application's Play Store entry here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.droidbox.control_center&hl=en_GB

If you've not used the Play Store before, please have a read of https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/first-run-of-googles-play-store/ . Once you have signed in, you will be able to initiate installations of applications from your main computer's browser.