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5 Tips To Keep Your Android Device Running Smoothly

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February 3, 2017

Here we have five suggestions for you to consider, with regard to getting the most from your DroidBOX device, or indeed other Android mini PCs.


  1. Exit Kodi properly each time to prevent temporary files from building up and wasting space.
    XBMC Kodi Exit
  2. Play Store for mainstream application updates. This ensures your application has the latest security patches in place, and often new features can also be found. DroidBOX Market (see our How To Use and Install (if not already on your device) posts) for discovering, installing and updating new & interesting applications.
    RAM Truth in Play Store Search Entry Clicked
  3. Switch away from using builds/wizards in Kodi and DBMC to installing just the add-ons you need, manually. You'll keep your data secure and your device will operate a little quicker and be more stable! Head to our forum for help with setting up Kodi, and don't forget to read the guide to Setting up Kodi the right way!
  4. Trakt.TV Create an account, set it to private for security/privacy. Post coming soon!
  5. If you don't yet feel comfortable tweaking and configuring your device, don't forget the DroidBOX How To site , the DroidBOX YouTube channel and of course the community at the DroidBOX forum are full of useful information.
    Happy Community