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A powerful HD Android media hub device connected to your TV, that uses your broadband internet connection to bring you an enormous range of high quality streaming entertainment directly to your living room.

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Internet TV box – revolutionary android TV box by Droidbox
Why DroidBOX?
  • The DroidBOX product range is perfect for home entertainment
  • This is a revolutionary new way to enjoy all of your favourite movies, music, TV series and Live TV. All packed into one device, with everything controlled with your fingerstips
  • Unlimited possibilities, apps, fun and enjoyment, all with the power of the Android operating system, all from the comfort of your sofa
Latest Reviews and Video
I have had this device up and running for several days now, I have done nothing but watch streaming movies & tinker with the XBMC. I am very impressed with this DroidBox iMX6 & have ordered another for the bedroom. It does everything it says it can do. It is responsive to keyboard and remote control commands, however you need to point the remote at the box when interacting with it a minor annoyance. The box can also be set-up to run as an access point come range extender for your network if needs be.
By Peter J. Heppinstall "mrgadget"
What is DroidBOX?
A DroidBOX device will revolutionise the way you watch television, giving you access to unlimited video content. Whether you're looking for freely available live Football, want to watch a specific episode of your favourite American TV Series, or want to catch up on your favourite TV dramas from UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India or Europe. DroidBOX devices allows you to stream it whenever you want.
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Why buy an Android device in the UK from DroidBOX?

1) Our reputation means a great deal!2) When you purchase from us, you will find full support available. Our warranties last a year, our forum and staff are always there for you.3) Your software will have updates available regularly, ensuring the latest advances in this field can be taken advantage of.4) We hand pick the best applications and XBMC add-ons for your device. If an online stream is available somewhere, we aim to bring it your TV.5) Within two weeks, if you find the device does not match your needs, you can return everything for a full refund.